Hotel Calzavecchio a Bologna
02 Oct 2022
03 Oct 2022
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The history of the Boutique Hotel Calzavecchio

In order to get deeper in the history of the Boutique hotel Calzavecchio, it is necessary to go back in time, when, to the location of the hotel today, was the first tavern of Casalecchio di Reno, called Osteria dei Calza, from the name of the Family harvesting the property.
Originally, almost 400 years ago, the actual Restaurant Calzavecchio was a tavern with livery, which means it was offering refreshment to all of the people coming down from the mountains to reach Bologna and the other way round.
Untouched for centuries, the tavern was called Calza Vecchio because the family of the Marchese Sampieri, owner of the land, once they realized the good business, they decided to build another tavern that they called Calza Nuovo.

From here, the name of the Restaurant Calzavecchio.

The tavern kept on being very well known for the kitchen as well as for the wine cellar. Renowned were the Tagliatelle al pasticcio that were attracting a lot of people from Bologna who were coming down from the "Brigual" (a historic path that connects Casalecchio and the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca), but not only them: the tavern became the destination of the Bologna University, the "Master Studiorum", thanks to which hundreds of students coming from all around Europe were populating the city of Bologna.

A particular episode gave emphasis to the "fame" of the Calzavecchio Restaurant: the 12th June 1888, on the 8th centenary of the University, the restaurant hosted more than 800 students representing the oldest European Universities.

After the last war, the Calzavecchio was rebuilt and remained intact until the last important renovation, wanted by the Trombetti family who, with the choice of the interiors and the modern yet warm fabric, was able to maintain the antique soul and the history of this important building, together with its traditional hospitality.