Hotel Calzavecchio a Bologna

Restaurant Calzavecchio

The Restaurant Calzavecchio in Casalecchio di Reno is more than just a restaurant. Another place deeply tied to the memories and the heart of the Trombetta Family, rooted in the Bolognese cuisine tradition. The elegance and the style of the interiors careful in every detail, capable of hosting big numbers of guests, where, with generous hospitality, the good traditions live again. The Restaurant proposes soirées with special events, offering a tasty variety of menus. Ideal for weddings receptions and feasts.
The Restaurant Calzavecchio in Casalecchio di Reno is open 7 days a week, both at lunch and dinner also to external guests.

The Restaurant can host up to 300 people in a unique room, other spaces are available for events and private ceremonies even of bigger numbers.


Where today stands the Boutique Hotel Calzavecchio, around 400 years ago the first tavern of Casalecchio di Reno was born, l’Osteria del Calza, even quoted in the oldest land registers of Bologna.
Originally, it was a tavern with livery, which means it was offering wine, food and rest to those coming down from the mountain in order to reach Bologna and the other way round.
It was after the construction by the owner of a new local denominated Calza Nuovo, that the tavern became the Calza Vecchio. After the Second World War, the hotel and the Restaurant Calzavecchio were rebuilt until the last important renovation of 2013.
More than 2 years of work, respecting the history of this old building, yet turning the look towards modernity and the needs of the Art of Hospitality.

The menu à la carte is served in the elegant room Calzavecchio, that during the summertime is extending into the suggestive terrace for lunches or dinners outside.
Not to be missed are the Tagliatelle al Ragù antico Bolognese, la Angus Stake in a crust of Bronte pistachios with traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena and the inimitable Calzavecchio semifreddo.

Restaurant Calzavecchio
Restaurant Calzavecchio
Restaurant Calzavecchio

À la carte Menu

Deployed in accordance with the tradition, revisited in a modern key, the menu à la carte proposes dishes of earth and sea and it is renovated every season.

Seafood Starters

  • Tender octopus salad with Sorrento's lemon juice and olive oil € 12,00
  • Shrimps tails with green peas puree, cheek lard and red onions € 12,00

Meat and Vegetarian Starters

  • Platter of typical Emilian’s cold cuts with fresh “Stracchino” cheese, small “Crescentine”(typical deep fried bread) € 12,00
  • Deep fried pumpkin flowers filled with ricotta cheese and balsamic vinegar € 12,00
  • Mushroom little pie with rocket salad and honey almonds € 12,00

Seafood First Courses

  • “Savoia style Garganelli” (regional egg pasta) with shrimps ragout and Adriatic Sea clams € 13,00
  • Linguine pasta in a copper pan with seafood, king prawns and Bottarga of tuna fish € 13,00

Meat and Vegetarian First Courses

  • Home-made tagliatelle with Bolognese ragout sauce € 9,00
  • Traditional tortellini with broth € 11,00
  • Ricotta and spinach tortelloni with butter and sage€ 10,00
  • Pink ravioli filled with buffalo mozzarella cheese and aubergines, with tomato slices and basil € 11,00
  • Home-made “tortellacci” filled with “Stracciatella” cheese and truffle with butter and poppy seeds € 11,00
  • Onions soup with green peas and potatoes € 10,00

Seafood Main Courses

  • Seabass slices on potatoes cream with anchovies butter and spinach € 17,00
  • Low-temperature cooked salt cod fish, with broad beans puree and Pecorino sauce € 17,00

Meat and Vegetarian Main Courses

  • Grilled Angus beef steak with roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables € 17,00
  • Veal cutlet Bolognese style with savoury potatoes and sweet and sour baby onions € 15,00
  • Angus beef “Tagliata” with Bronte pistachios, Modena balsamic vinegar sauce flavoured with cinnamon and roasted potatoes € 18,00
  • Grilled beef fillet with roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables € 19,00
  • Green pepper pork fillet, peppers and Taggiasche olives € 15,00
  • Parmesan cheese and asparagus pie with ‘Porcini’ mushroom € 13,00


  • Streamed vegetables € 6,00
  • Grilled vegetables € 6,00
  • French fries € 6,00
  • Baked potatoes € 6,00
  • Mixed salad € 6,00

Our Cheeses

  • Capriccio di capra – Veneto (from goat’s milk) With green tomatoes marmalade € 7,00
  • Pecorino al Tartufo – Toscana (from sheep’s milk) With red onion marmalade € 7,00
  • Caciotta della Valsamoggia – Emilia-Romagna (from cow’s milk) With pear and ginger marmalade € 7,00
  • Moliterno – Pecorino Sardo (from sheep’s milk) With black cherry marmalade € 7,00
  • Mix of our cheeses € 15,00


  • Semifreddo ”Calzavecchio“: mascarpone, sponge cake and Maraschino cherry syrup € 6,00
  • Breton Sablé (shortbread) with caramel Bavarese, hazelnut brittle and mango cream € 6,00
  • Nut brittle parfait with “Amaretti di Saronno” (almond biscuits) and honey, on chocolate fondue € 6,00
  • Crema Catalana (*) € 6,00



  • Pineapple € 6,00
  • Fruit salad € 6,00
  • Mixed fresh fruit slices € 6,00

Wine List

A small ”taste“ of our 150 labels from all over Italy, selected with meticulous care and a lot of passion by the Maître Sommelier….

  • Tullio I° Prosecco Millesimato DOC Brut C. Vicentini
  • Cuveè Prestige Cà del Bosco
  • Alma Cuvèe Brut Bellavista
  • Saten (Chardonnay) Bellavista
  • Laurent Perrier Brut (Pinot Nero, Chardonnay)
White wines from Emilia-Romagna
  • Pignoletto frizzante Botti
  • Pignoletto classico Botti
  • Chardonnay Sandoni
  • Sauvignon Sandoni

Red wines from Emilia-Romagna
  • Otello Lambrusco Ceci
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Botti
  • Merlot Botti
  • Barbera Sandoni
  • Merlot Sandoni

White wines from other regions
  • Gris (Pinot Grigio riserva) Lis Neris
  • Picol (Sauvignon Riserva) Lis Neris
  • Jurosa (Chardonnay) Lis Neris
  • Belvento (Vermentino) Petra

Red wines from other regions
  • Bricco Dell’Uccellone (Barbera D’Asti) Braida
  • Valpolicella DOC Clivus
  • Amarone della Valpolicella Clivus
  • Sassicaia Tenuta San Guido

To see the complete list, click on download